The Vanishing Art of Camouflage Symposium

Monday 7th November 2016

This symposium will feature a number of recognised experts in their field discussing various topics relating to the theme of camouflage: from the natural world to military use, traditional and subversive, its adoption by the fashion world, and of camouflage as a means of disguising one’s true self in the modern age. The panel will be made up of a number of academics from the University of Westminster and other British universities; including the University of Southampton, The University of Liverpool, and also the Natural History Museum. The symposium is organised by the University of Westminster to coincide with the exhibition at London Gallery West “The Vanishing Art of Camouflage”, curated by Andrew Groves and Robert Leach using artefacts from the newly created Westminster Menswear Archive. The symposium will be held on 7 November 2016, at 11 am at London Gallery West, at the Harrow campus. Speakers Professor Jonathan Faiers.(Winchester School of Art) Can't See the Wood for The Trees: Multiples, Misdirection and Hiding in Plain Sight Dr Charles Kirke. (Cranfield University) Camouflage and Army Culture Mr Geoff Martin. (Natural History Museum) Camouflage in the Natural World Tim Newark. (Historian and Journalist) From Battlefield to Catwalk: how camouflage became fashionable

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