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Tartan Exhibition opens at V&A Dundee

Tartan at the V&A Dundee celebrates the global story of a unique pattern - how the rules of the grid have inspired creativity from the everyday to the sublime.

It is Scotland's first major exhibition in 30 years focusing solely on the iconic textile and pattern, and features several garments from the Westminster Menswear Archive, including a tartan evening jacket from the 1950s, BOY London punk bondage trousers, a man's tartan smock dress by Gucci, a CC41 Utility sweatshirt top, and a Palm Angels tartan tracksuit jacket.

Also on show is a full runway look from Owen Edward Snaith, who graduated from BA Fashion Design in 2022 and whose outfit was acquired by the Westminster Menswear Archive last year. The Great Fishwife couture kilt ensemble by Owen Edward Snaith is a radical reworking of a traditional féileadh-mór, or belted plaid, and is made from his 'Incentive' tartan, which was specially woven for him by Taffled Threads in Alloa, Scotland.

Tartan, V&A Dundee 1 April 2023 to 14 January 2024


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