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Student Researchers

The Westminster Menswear Archive is open to external undergraduate and postgraduate students on Thursdays by appointment only with at least two weeks notice.


You will be required to fill in a registration form with your student ID number and agree to the Regulations for Access.


The garments within the Westminster Menswear Archive are not available for loan or removal from the archive room. In the archive, only pencils and laptops may be used, and no food or beverages may be brought inside.

Industry Researchers

The Westminster Menswear Archive is available by appointment to industry visitors who want to use the archive for design research. In addition the majority of the garments in the archive are available for rent by the month to design studios.

First-time industry visitors to the archive will be required to present identification, such as a passport or driver's licence, and complete a registration form. Photography is prohibited.

The initial visit to the Archive is free, but subsequent research trips will incur fees. Please contact the curator of the Menswear Archive for further information.

Archive close up 2.jpg

Academic Researchers

The Westminster Menswear Archive is accessible to academic researchers who wish to examine the archive's collection as part of a PhD dissertation or other academic research. The collection spans menswear from the 1750s to the present day, with the majority of pieces dating from the early 20th century to the present day. Particular strengths of the collection include wearable technology, PPE and protective industrial wear, Alexander McQueen, and Massimo Osti.

To make an inquiry or to schedule a visit, please use the contact link listed below.

Exhibition Loans

We are happy to loan items from the Westminster Menswear Archive collections to accredited museums and temporary exhibitions. Recent loans have included Tartan, V&A Dundee, Fashion City: How Jewish Londoners Influenced Global Style, Museum of London, Dandy Style, Manchester Art Gallery, Style in Revolt, T-10/SKP-S, Beijing, C.P. Company Cinquanta, Milan, and Workwear, Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.

Please contact our curator, Dr. Danielle Sprecher, who can provide additional details regarding our loan policy.

Dandy Style, Photo by Michael Pollard
Stone Island jacket

Image Licensing 

All garments from the archive are documented in high-resolution imagery using a StyleShoots machine. You can see an example of our high-resolution images by downloading the sample image below.

If you wish to use our images for commercial purposes (such as reproduction in books, magazines, exhibitions, and online use), please contact Dr. Danielle Sprecher, who will discuss your needs and provide you with information about the applicable fees. Image rights fees will vary depending on the intended use(s) of the image.

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