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Workwear exhibition opens in Rotterdam

An extensive new fashion exhibition dedicated to workwear has opened at the Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam featuring several rare garments from the Westminster Menswear Archive. It includes an extremely rare jacket known as the beekeeper, designed by Moreno Ferrari in 2000 for the Italian sportswear brand C.P. Company and inspired by studying actual beekeeper suits. In addition, the Westminster Menswear Archive also loaned an example of a modern-day beekeeper suits.

A Japanese Sashiko fireman's coat, a 19th century British workwear smock, a French chainmail apron, a pair of British Police CBRN overboots, and an American firefighters proximity suit from the Westminster Menswear Archive are also included in the exhibition.


Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

26 March 2023 to 10 September 2023

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